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Euro odds 2021 Considered to be one of the biggest football betting company available today and the huge number of players. The Euro is identified as an opportunity for many people to make their dreams of enriching their own. However, for the new comers, the betting is usually not aware of all the types of odds. Therefore, in today’s article, we will update the latest Euro 2021 odds with the most easy-to-win method. We invite you to visit

Euro odds 2021 most attractive

As well as other football odds, the Euro 2021 betting has different odds. However, the player focuses only on the three main ones, Asia, Europe and the Under/Over. So we will guide you through the detailed reading of these three euro 2021 football odds .

euro 2021 betting predictions

Asian odds

The first is the Asian interface, also known as Handicap or Macao -one of the most complex types of betting odds. But when it come to understanding how to calculate the proportions, the ratio of Asia is the owner of many players in the betting market.

The reason Asia’s interface are considered complicated because of the many small odds inside. Detail:

-Handicap: This odd in 2 teams, bookmaker will pick out the team strong and weak, strong team will accept the odd: handicap 1 , handicap 1/2 or 1/4 . The end result will add handicap points to the weak team and pay the reward.

-Corner kick: This player does not need to predict the outcome that will predict the number of corners that occurred during the match. The game-play is similar to the Sicbo.

-Live odds: to predict the team who will have the first goal the in the match. How to play simply select 1 of the 2 teams that are participating in the match.

-Penalty card: This is based on the number of penalty cards in the match, red card 2 points and 1 point Gold Card. Game-play similar to Sic bo

Each odd has a different understanding, so the player have to understand the law before placing a bet. Therefore, in Asian odd always have the most crowded players, certainly the Euro odd of 2021 will also be inclined to Asia.

European odd

Next, we will guide you to read the European odd This is a 1×2-ratio table equivalent to three betting outlets on the board. Detail:

EU odd guide

  • Door 1: For players choose home team wins.
  • Door X: Door for players to choose 2 draw teams.
  • Door 2: For players select guest team wins.

For example, between Brazil and France at the French stage 1X2 will be default 1 = France and 2 = Brazil. Choosing 1 means that you choose France wins, select 2 as Brazil wins and X is 2 teams to draw each other.


Finally, the under/over odd is also known as the Sicbo The bookmaker will participate in predicting the outcome with the player. Especially when participating in this, the player does not need to calculate or judge whether the team wins, but instead the player simply predicts the total number of goals in the match.

euro 2021 betting predictions

How to read the under/over odd

Specifically, when started in the match, the bookmaker will base on the overall situation and give a number of the goals that the two teams scored during the match. Then the player will place a bet, under or over At the end of the match, bookmarker will base on the results to pay the bonus.

For example, the French and Brazilian bookmaker set a score of 3. If you think of more goals, then put Over At the end of the match, 2-0, the person who placed under will win. And the ratio is 3-1 or 2-2, the person who placed Over will win all.

How to calculate the most simple Euro 2021 betting odds

In addition to reading the Euro 2021 ratio, a problem is the same issue of interest to the player is calculated ratio. By the bookmaker will give not the same rate. We’ll take this specific example as follows for people to visualize.

Battle Brazil and France (host) with European odd you will see the ratio on the table to 1:0.80 and 2:0.90. Means if you bet 100USD for the French home team. If France wins you will get of 180USD. If the FA loses you will lose $100.

This calculation is quite simple, just look at the number placed next to it. When you win you will take your betting amount multiply by the odds, this is your winning amount

Euro betting tips

Here are some of the most easy-to-win Euro 2021 football betting experience. You can refer and apply for a win Euro.

Some experience in the easy win Euro

create euro betting account

Choosing the best place that you know

In the three types of odds, you are confident about your ability to place a bet So when you bet your winnings can increase

Update the match information

When participating in the any match, to be able to win, you need to get the information about 2 teams of your competition. You need pay attention , because this is the decisive information so that the stake amount at the end of the match belongs to you.

The information about the two teams need to update such as: Achievement of previous matches, tactical play of all 2 teams, number of key players. Also do not forget to update according to the important information such as weather, stone of the guest or home,…

Good financial control and psychology of yourself

Controlling your financial and psychological well-being is the secret to helping you win the most when participating in betting. Psychoses will affect the ability of their own judgment, so always keep the mind awake.

Good psychological control to make more accurate judgments

When losing control due to wins or excessive losses you should stop the game again, avoiding making inaccurate judgments. You should only put in the Euro 2021 odd when you make sure your winnings to 80.

Smart bet

The Smart BET experience we want to share here is to always bet up to 80% Not only at the rate of Euro 2021 but all the odds are to keep themselves 20%.

Because in betting, the results fall into 1% prediction that is not uncommon. Therefore, the bet must be deducted from a road back to his own, to help themselves never fall into the condition of “cholecystitis”.

Top bookmaker

The last experience we want to share to you is to choose a reliable bookmaker for placing a bet Avoid selecting scam bookmaker to avoid a win but not get the money.

Take some time to learn about the information about the players who evaluate the player, how many members are crowded. Or watch at the betting forums, see which one is reliable, which one has ever had money on the player.

Above are the most popular ratio of Euro 2021 , which we have just synthesized. Hopefully with this information will help new people quickly catch up with the rules of the game to not miss any of the exciting matches of this international tournament. Also do not forget to use the flexible experience, the tips to increase the chances of winning yourself.