Kerry Packer Extreme Bets Can Make a Gambling Arena Go Bankrupt

Extreme Bet Kerry Packer

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Kerry Packer Extreme Bets Can Make a Gambling Arena Go Bankrupt – Victory at the gambling table really relies heavily on luck. Not surprisingly, if lucky, entrepreneurs who are already rich can gain more money and wealth. Just look at Kerry Packer, this Australian businessman listed as one of the richest people in the world who is very fond of playing gambling.

Extreme Bet Kerry Packer
Kerry Packer when he was at Las Vegas, United States

He is famous as one of the famous blackjack players in Las Vegas because of his gambling reliability. Interestingly, when smoking and heavily drunk, Packer actually looks more professional in the gambling arena. Euro 2021 Betting, Packer reportedly won US 24 million and US 33 million at the MGM Grand Casino while playing blackjack and baccarat.

Amazingly, Packer reportedly almost made the MGM Grand go bankrupt because of his victory. As a result, a number of casino employees who had let him make too big bets were immediately fired. Here’s the story of the reliability of one of the richest billionaires in the world at the gambling table, Kerry Packer as quoted and a number of other sources.

Once the richest person in Australia

Most gambling fans are looking for luck and profits from casinos to become rich. Unlike the gamblers in general, Kerry Packer is an exception considering he is a businessman. During his lifetime, Packer built a media empire and was the richest person in Australia before his kidney death in 2005.

Beyond his wealth and media empire, Packer is known as a gambler who always dares to risk large sums of money. He is famous for playing blackjack, poker, baccarat and other card games. But the game he likes best is blackjack where Packer has become a legend because of it.

How Extreme Bets Can Make a Gambling Arena Go Bankrupt?

The betting numbers are extreme

Players in gambling houses are always afraid of Kerry Packer. Not because he is evil and cruel, but because the amount of the bet is fairly extreme. With the stakes, this big media boss in Australia can make the casino where he plays bankrupt or losers for a full year.

But he always calculated that the casino where he bet would not go bankrupt until some employees let him keep playing. On one occasion, Packer reportedly lost US 20 million at the Bellagio Casino gambling table, Las Vegas.

Make a casino go bankrupt

Despite having recorded a number of defeats, Packer also managed to score a number of wins. The Aspinalls Club London gambling arena even shut down its operations after Packer won very much money from the blackjack game. Another time, Packer managed to gain about US 24 million to US 33 million from the MGM Grand while playing blackjack and baccarat.

Remarkably, Packer almost made the MGM Grand Casino go bankrupt and got some of his employees fired for letting him bet in very large numbers. So far,   Euro 2021 Betting there hasn’t been a blackjack player who can win and lose in the extreme number of Packers. How not, he said he bet up to the US $ 300 thousand or more in just one play.