The latest Euro 2021 qualifying results

Draw Euro 2021 Qualifying round

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Draw Euro 2021 Qualifying round Is the issue of attracting the attention of many football fans around the world who are expecting this season. Especially when the Euro 2020 finals was postponed for a year. The qualifying round of the Euro 2021 has been fixed on the place. Take a look at the specific draw results and the detailed time of the national teams through the following article.

Euro 2021 Qualification Summary

Following the influence of the last epidemic, the UEFA European Football Federation had an emergency meeting and decided to postpone the Euro 2020 finals to the summer of 2021. After several changes, the Euro 2021 finals competition schedule was also assigned to the 11/6-11/7/2021. The group stage is expected to be played in the upcoming 10 months to pick out the best 8 teams to participate in the playoffs and pick out the last 4 tickets to meet the Euro 2021 finals.

Accordingly, the Euro 2021 group stage will occur 4 matches before entering the round of 1/8 and quarter-finals. Teams in the most outstanding qualifying rounds, or the outstanding 3rd class will be able to get access to the next round. All information such as match groups, venues, draw results from previous times will remain the same as the plan.Draw Euro 2021 Qualifying round

The results of the UEFA Euro 2021 qualifying competition

Because of the complex epidemic, UEFA has not yet announced the official Euro 2021 Finals competition Schedule . But the results of the group stage and the teams that would face each other were soon revealed. The following is a list of Euro 2021 play-off matches with a round-robin competition:

  • Group A: Iceland vs Romania, Bulgaria vs Hungary.
  • Group B: Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Northern Ireland, Slovakia vs Republic Ireland
  • Group C: Scotland vs Israel, Norway vs Serbia.
  • Group D: Georgia vs Belarus, North Macedonia vs Kosovo.

The Euro 2021 group stage is expected to take place in October 10 to select the 4 best teams that have crossed the qualifiers and the quarterfinals to participate in the final round. The following results are drawn to the teams in the Euro 2021 round-up matches:

  • First matchday:
  • Group A: Turkey vs Italy, Wales vs Switzerland.
  • Group B: Denmark vs Finland, Belgium vs Russia.
  • Group C: Netherlands vs Ukraine, Austria vs. the play-off group D.
  • Group D: England vs Croatia, Czech Republic vs. Group C play-off wins.
  • Group E: Spain vs Sweden, Poland vs wins playoff group B.
  • Group F: Winning play-off table A vs Portugal, France vs Germany.
  • Second matchday:
  • Group A: Turkey vs Wales, Italy vs Switzerland.
  • Group B: Finland vs Russia, Denmark vs Belgium.
  • Group C: Ukraine vs. Group D Play-offs, Netherlands vs Austria.
  • Group D: England vs wins play-off group C, Croatia vs Czech Republic.
  • Group E: Sweden vs wins play-off group B, Poland vs. Spain.
  • Group F: Wins play-off group A vs France, Portugal vs Germany.

Draw Euro 2021 1 qualifying round

  • Third and fourth matchday:
  • Group A: Turkish vs. Switzerland, Italy vs Wales.
  • Group B: Finland vs Belgium, Denmark vs Russia.
  • Group C: Ukraine vs Austria, Holland vs wins play-off group D.
  • Group D: England vs Czech Republic, wins play-off group C vs Croatia.
  • Group E: Sweden vs Poland, wins play-off table B vs Spain.
  • Group F: Germany vs. Group A play-off wins, Portugal vs France.

The above article has provided you with the information you need about the results of the Euro 2021 qualifying draw and the expected period for the competition. Hope you have yourself the necessary information. Wish you experience a fun and memorable Euro betting season.