The Reds decided to wait for Ramos after Euro 2021

Ramos 1

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Sources close to Manchester United recently said they are planning to recruit Real Madrid midfielder Sergio Ramos after the next Euro 2021 Finals.

Sergio Ramos is in the sights of the Red Devils

For more than 10 years, midfielder Sergio Ramos has always been considered one of the best defensive players in the world. The cornerstone of Real Madrid has a strong but wise style. He makes it very difficult for attacking players to overcome.

Not only that, Sergio Ramos is also a true leader on the field. He is both a prop for his teammates in defense, and a dangerous spearhead in situations to join the attack.


Many times Sergio Ramos scored important goals to help Real Madrid revive from the dead. Most typical is the phase to equalize the score in the Champions League final in 2013/2014 season. The 93rd-minute goal ushered in Real Madrid’s victory over Atletico Madrid, thereby completing La Decima.

Not only that, Sergio Ramos is also the number one midfielder of the Spanish team. Together with Bo Tot, he won the most noble titles such as winning the 2010 World Cup or Euro 2012. In the Euro 2021 qualifying round, Ramos also continues to be the number one blocker in the Spanish backline.

However, at present, Sergio Ramos has less than 6 months of contract with Real Madrid club. The two sides are in disagreement about the extension agreement because Real Madrid only wants to sign another 2 years with the 34-year-old star and wants to reduce his salary by 10%. Meanwhile the captain of Los Blanco wants a 3-year contract with the same salary.

In the wake of the two sides, Manchester United and many other big men quickly joined the competition. According to The Sun, the Reds are planning to bring Sergio Ramos back to Old Trafford to improve his defensive strength. They believe that with the Spanish super-midfielder, returning to his old position will be easier and faster.

Manchester United appoints the Spanish super-midfielder after Euro 2021

Over the weekend, Beteuro2021 was informed by the Daily Mail, one of the UK’s biggest viewers, that Manchester United will be waiting for Sergio Ramos to come this summer. That is, the Reds want him to expire with Real Madrid and finish Euro 2021 to negotiate a new contract with him.

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The reason Manchester United is so confident is because they have extremely strong financial potential. Unlike Real Madrid or other big Europeans that are suffering from a sharp decline in sales, the Reds are fine. Because of their brand value and online advertising contracts, they still rank at the top of the football world.

According to sources close to Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos is tending to choose Manchester United to continue his illustrious career. If you have him, the Old Trafford team will solve the problem of his uncertain defense.

In addition, they also have a center-back capable of scoring scary goals and are very useful in stressful matches or when facing goalkeeper clubs with a large number of defensive players.