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Odds Euro 2021 is what sports betting players expect. The Euro 2021 finals will soon be opened so you need to prepare yourself for the team as well as the odds for soccer to get ready to bet and win a lot of bonuses. So what kind of football rafters will be applied to the euro 2021 betting? The dealer 1xbet will introduce you to several types of rafters that will be used in Euro 2021.

Euro Football Rafters 2021 The finals are the fish enthusiasts expect

Euro Football Rafters 2021 latest finals at 1xbet

Euro 2021 football rafters are regularly updated by the 1xbet dealer to the players to help the player have more choices. Each loss will have a different odds and payout percentage. Depending on their needs and abilities, players can choose the ones that are right for you. The 1xbet dealer updates the main football rafters in the Euro 2021 finals as follows:

keo bong da euro

Euro 2021 football rafter: 1X2

This is the most popular bet used in European football tournaments. This bet has simple gameplay but the ability to win a high bet should be chosen by many people, especially beginners. 1X2 is also known as a 3-dimensional bet with a bet on all three lost winners. Therefore, no matter how the outcome of the match is played, the player who sets this will also win the prize.

The rate of 1X2 in this agreement is:

  • 1 The winner of the home team
  • X to present a draw result
  • 2 win the away

The 1X2 odds are popular in European football tournaments

To get a better understanding of this Euro 2021 football loss please come to the following example: Usually a soccer match will be reflected in the winning score, draw or lose. With this bet, the home team will correspond to the number 1, while the other team corresponds to the number 2. Private X is the ratio of the draw so that at the end of the match the new decision has X or not.

In the French and English match, if France was the home team and on the proportion of the 1X2 odds, 6.5:4.2:2.9. As such, when looking at this proportion the player will understand that the odds of French wins are 6.5, the British team only has a promoted odds of 4.2 and the draw rate of the anticipated match is 2.9.

If the player wagers 100,000 đ, each player will receive a different amount of bets. Specifically: If the FA wins the player will receive 650,000 đ, if he wins the player receives 420,000 đ, but if the score is 2 teams together, the player only receives 290,000.

The person can see, no matter what the result, the betting will win a bonus. That’s why this bet is very popular, especially for major tournaments such as Euro 2021.


Perhaps anyone participating in soccer betting will know this euro 2021 football loss. Handicap is understood that the higher rated team will accept the remaining one rate as the left half Handicap, a handicap left,… It was created by the bookmakers to create a balance between the two teams. Handicap has two main forms of handicap and the money. If during the match the difference between the two teams is so obvious that the dealer will move from the handicap to the left handicap to recreate the balance.

Adhesive Bong da Euro 2021

Handicap will help recreate the balance for the match

The handicap is the most varied Euro 2021 soccer handicap by simply changing a bit of proportion as there has been another handicap. The commonly used handicap are:

  • Bronze Odds (0-0): The rafters will draw when the match is set to 0-0 or the proportion proportionate. When there is a difference, the player bets on the team, when the team wins the player will gain the stake.
  • Left half Ball (loss 0 – 0.5) or 1/4: If the odds of the ball draw, the followers of the handicap team will win. When the match has a different result, depending on the result of the winning team that the player will win.
  • Left Half Handicap (1/2): If the result of the match is reached, the bets on the handicap team will win. In addition, with this bet, no matter how many away winners, the handicap will always win the bonus. The home team who wants to win a full bet must have scored 2 goals or more. If only 1 goal is scored, the handicap will lose over 1/2 money, while the home bet will receive 1/2 stakes.
  • Handicap 1: With this rafters, the home team will accept 1 left. Therefore when the home team wins from 2 or more left, these winners will win. The home team only wins 1 left, which will be considered as a draw. In proportion, the winner will lose, the client will win.

In addition to these handicap, there are other handicap markets such as 3/4, Handicap, 1.25 Handicap, 1.5,… To win this game the player needs to have a level of understanding of the participating teams, especially knowing the information about the squad, player mode and injury rate,… These are usually applied in cases where the teams play a difference in the relative level. If two teams are similar, then playing it will be difficult to determine the win.

Bet on the bottom, also known as the Big Deal (O/U)

The financial loss is the euro 2021 bookmaker which is popular and has a high payout. This is a popular bet that is applied to almost all football matches or other sports matches. The essence of this bet is to calculate the total number of possible goals in the match. Dealer will rely on the calculation to give a figure, the player’s job is to choose the bet door: The entrance to the total number of goals is greater than the number of the dealer, the small door is the opposite, the total number of goals is smaller than the ratio of the dealer. This will only apply to 90p official matches if there is an extra proportion of the price change.

Adhesive Bong da Euro 2021 1xbet

When taking part in Euro 2021 football, players only need to care about the total number of goals without concern 2 football team. Therefore, new players or people who are not knowledgeable about football are still betting on the odds. This bet has a few variations as Sic bo in the 1st half; Odds 1; 1/5; Wager 1.5, bet 2,…

Odd odds

This bet is also used by many players because the player does not need to know too much information about football or teams in attendance. Like the bet on the bottom, parity is also calculated based on the total odds of the match. The only other point is that with this rafter only need to determine the total score that is even or odd.

When the match score of the 0-0 loss is counted as an even loss. Even odds, odd have a high bonus ratio, thus receiving the player’s overwhelming support. While it is said that the player does not need to know too much information about the team to attend but to easily win the player should give a little work to learn to make the correct choice.

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1xbet Update the latest information on the Euro 2021 rafter

The 1xbet dealer is the largest and most reputable bookmaker in the market today. The dealer not only offers sports betting but also the address of the relevant sports information. Especially with major leagues such as Euro 2021, the house 1xbet is committed to continuously updating the competition, betting, results,… of the matches. The player simply needs to perform a simple operation and can participate at 1xbet.

Hopefully the useful information above will help players understand and easily choose the ratio of the euro 2021 odds are suitable for themselves. Hurry to access your https://1xbet.com/vi/ to learn Euro 2021 football rafters The latest update today.