What is the Euro 2021 mascot? What is special?

The mascot Euro 2021

The mascot Euro 2021 After the announcement, many people paid attention and wondered about its significance. So what is this year’s mascot and why was it chosen as the symbol of theEuro 2021 football season? Let’s find out about this mascot in the article below.

What is the Euro 2021 mascot?

Every Euro season, the indispensable thing is the mascot. To choose a mascot for the season really is not easy at all. In March 2019, the Euro mascot was officially announced to all fans.

Unlike previous seasons like this year to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Euro was born, even the mascot is also specially designed. In previous seasons mascots were lovely, mighty beasts. However, this year can be said that for the first time in the history of the Euro football tournament, the mascot is a completely human being.Mascot Euro 2021 1

Called Skillzy, this mascot has received a lot of interest from the audience. Skillzy was announced right in the match between Holland and Germany with impressive freestyle dances.

then Skillzy also received a lot of followers from fans from different countries on social networks. Not only that, Skillzy also receives a lot of videos from fans recording videos of them performing the freestyle dance of this mascot.

What is special about Euro 2021 mascot?

Skillzy certainly right after debut has surprised many people about the appearance of the mascot this year. Strictly speaking, it was the figure of a human being, not a beast of the past.

Sharing with UEFA fans, Skillzy is inspired by street football. Skillzy has a style of playing football, free of charge combined with street culture and European football fans.

In addition, the organizers also want to convey the message to the fans through the mascot Skillzy. Whether you play football in the park or on the big grass, performing football or classic football, it’s all about the players’ passion for the ball.

The excellent performance of Skillzy made the fans excited. Not only that in the performance next to Skillzy, there were also the appearance of Liv Cooke and Tobias Béc. These are two extremely famous football performers with fascinating freestyle displays.

The mascot Euro 2021

Official Euro song

In addition to the mascot Euro 2021, this year’s official song also received a lot of anticipation from the audience. Since 1992, song creation for each season has begun.

At Euro 2021, the famous producer Martin Garrix was in charge of composing the Euro 2021 song. Martin Garrix said he hopes his work will be popular and consider it an integral part of the Euro. However, up to now, no official information regarding this special song has been announced.

The above article we shared with readers about the Euro 2021 mascot as well as its meaning. Beteuro2021hope the article has brought you a lot of useful information. Follow and cheer on the teams participating in this year’s Euro.