When will Euro 2021 take place? In what month?

Euro 2021 when Nao Dien RA

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The Euro 2021 sports season is undoubtedly the most expected event in the near future. However, if you want to be proactive in arranging time and health for this journey, you need to know Euro 2021 took place when, where will it be held and in which month. If you still do not have the correct answers to the above problems, please read the article below on beteuro2021.net

What month the Euro will be held and by which country?

Euro 2021 season when it took place?

2020 was supposed to be a blooming year for football sports during the Euro Season event. However, due to the outbreak and complicated development of the Covid 19 pandemic, the event was delayed one year later than expected. Initially, fans were anxious to expect the time to attend the tournament from June 12 to July 12, 2020 but then the schedule was delayed from June 11 to July 11, 2021.

Euro at Nao Dien RA

Although time has been delayed by a year, the UEFA organizers still decided to take the official name of the season as UEFA Euro 2020. This is also a season with many changes in the organization, arrangement and rules of the game.

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Where is the venue for the Euro 2021

A special feature of this season is that players will no longer have the concept of host country Euro because the tournament will be held in many different countries. The 12 countries participating in the hosting and modern stadiums with great capacity promises to bring a booming, exciting atmosphere in this season.

In 2020 the organizers have scheduled the venue for the Euro 2021

Countries participating in the event include: Denmark, Germany, Romania, England, Hungary, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Spain, Scotland. The largest capacity of Wembley Stadium up to 90,000 people held in London with the semi-final and final. The opening match will be held in Rome at Olimpico Stadium with a capacity of 72,698 thousand people.

Advantages and disadvantages of the change venue

The change of venue was initially planned but received positive feedback from many countries except Turkey. The UEFA Euro is divided among such countries basically due to the pressure of the recession situation in Europe. Break down the venue to organize to minimize pressure for a host country like the other years.

Euro 2021 when Nao Dien RA

Changes in organizations create favorable and difficult conditions for fans and teams


When organizing the event under the structure of the season, the experts have seen remarkable potential and advantages such as:

  • Attract more investors to generate great revenue for the season.
  • Help countries have the opportunity to develop tourism and services when the season takes place.
  • Help to reduce the risk of terrorism and political influences.
  • Creating conditions for fans to be able to accompany the season can also travel more experience and travel.


About the difficulties that the way of organizing the season as this brings, many influences to fans:

  • Must move on the long schedule in every tournament venue.
  • A large amount of money is needed if you want to track the entire season.
  • Team health and fans also need stability as the stadium is held in many countries with different weather conditions.

Thus the Euro answers when the place has been specifically answered us, in detail at the article below. This time back in the midst of a strong outbreak also helps fans and players ensure the health situation and prepare for a journey that promises more fun.

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