Members who wish to participate in betting should have a betting account at the 1xbet website. 1xbet is currently a lot of different payment methods to send money you can pick up. The forms of deposits are almost instantly updated, so you don’t have to wait long.

One of the forms of instant deposit updates at 1xbet is Help2pay. To send money in this form you need to have Internet Banking account of Vietnamese banks.

Step 1: Click on the 1xbet Dealer Web link here:

If you don’t have an account yet, please click here to sign up

1XBET Registration LINK: Link 1

After accessing the site with Internet-connected devices such as phone, computer, VVV tablet. You click the “DEPOSIT”

Step 2: Complete the deposit information:

After choosing to send money the system will jump out 1 window including the active methods of payment of 1xbet, right in the first column of the proposed method you choose the logo deposit Help2pay with the inscription “Bank fast Transfer by Help2pay”


Next you fill in on-demand information: The amount you want to bet on 1xbet and the bank you choose to deposit and click on the green button “confirm”

Jonathan Archer

Step 3: Waiting for money on account:

When entering the necessary information required by the system, you need to fill in the “Username and password” of the deposit bank. The waiting time for the money processing system is in the account within 1-2 minutes.

Note: You’ll need to make sure that your account balance is equal to or more than the amount you want to transfer to 1xbet. Otherwise the transaction cannot be completed immediately.

You only need to enjoy 1 sip of coffee is the money already in your 1xbet account, you can now participate in the thousands of sports betting games, online casino, slot game machines, Poker or fish shoots, as well as popular games around the world at 1xbet.

I wish you luck!